Using design thinking to move across the country 1/2

One way to visualize the double diamond approach to design thinking
  • Divergent thinking — thinking broadly, keeping an open mind, considering anything and everything
  • Convergent thinking — thinking narrowly, bringing back focus and identifying one or two key problems and solutions
Setting expectations using post-it notes — or, is it really a writeup about design thinking without a picture of post-its?
  • Wanted to make the most of our time, however we travelled (read: wanted to not drag it out)
  • Wanted a break between our lives in New York City and our new life in San Francisco — not a vacation exactly but some substantial time off
  • Needed to be able to carry a few things — two to three suitcases — that we’d need upon arrival in the Bay Area until we secured a non-temporary place to live
  • Wanted to see parts of the country one or both of us hadn’t seen (read: adventure!)
  • Wanted to be invigorated by our travel
  • Needed to be in San Francisco by the second week of August
  • What about the dog?
One version of the five whys
Prices for American Airlines for July 2019
Prices for Amtrak for July 2019
Prices for Greyhound for July 2019
Google Maps breakdown of walking from New York to San Francisco



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Skipper Chong Warson

Skipper Chong Warson


Design director at SoftServe, coach, and host of How This Works. Formerly at thoughtbot SF, Fjord NYC, Shep (acquired) and PBS FRONTLINE among others.