TikTok is to China as what is to the U.S.?

Thinking about the China-U.S. relationship through the lens of a social video-sharing service

Photo by Morning Brew

“Our economic interests with China are significant and growing. China is a $600 billion market for the American economy.” — Jacob Parker, vice president of the US-China Business Council

And making your product in China has certain benefits — cheap labor, low taxes, logistical ease (getting things in and out of the country), low crime (compared to other emerging markets), and inexpensive energy costs.

“[America’s] best engineers are optimizing how to get cat videos … We have sat back and assumed that our hegemony is infinite.” — Trae Stephens, partner at Founders Fund

Have you heard of Made in China 2025? This plan was published five years ago and was aimed at rapidly developing 10 high-tech industries, including electric cars, next-generation information technology, telecommunications, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI). The plan’s goals was to achieve levels of self-sufficiency — 40% by 2020 and 70% by 2025 — in high-tech industries. This would result in dominant positions in global markets by 2049, one century after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

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