In a world where so many people are working from home, what does “working” from home really mean anyway?

Working from home isn’t a new thing — not by a long shot — but it feels pretty novel right now. This spring’s closure of schools as well as child care facilities, wearing masks, and blue tape on the ground spaced to six foot (social) distances as a result of…

This is about being half Korean and half white during this time of surging support for Black Lives Matter (BLM), and in the face of institutionalized racism, segregation, and discrimination — second of two articles

Why am I writing this?

A couple weeks ago, I said to my wife, “I…

Skipper Chong Warson

Design director at SoftServe, host of How This Works, coach with Plucky, advisor at Shep. Formerly at thoughtbot SF, Fjord NYC, and PBS FRONTLINE among others.

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